April 2008 | Medical Product Manufacturing News


Indexing System Adopts Modular Design for High-Volume Production

Featuring standardized modules and offering fully automatic or hand-loading assembly of multiple-part products. The QuickLink [
quickpouch custom ] system is designed for use with a variety of medical products and is suited for the assembly of parts up to 7 in. long combined. Up to 26 stations can be integrated into the system performing operations such as small-part feeding and ultrasonic welding.

Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies Inc., Ronkonkoma, NY
July 2007 | Medical Product Manufacturing News


Modular Standardized System is Available for Cleanroom Use

A company offers a linear assembly machine suitable for cleanroom use. The QuickLink [ quickpouch custom ] system has the ability to self-diagnose problems through its smart programming, making it capable of deciding the best course of action in the event of a fault. Actions include sounding alarms, retrying the failed procedure, slowing to a safe pace, or an instant stop with a deactivation of all systems. The system can assembly multiple products at rates in excess of 120 parts per minute and can be inregrated into one of the company's form-fill-seal machines
[ quickpouch vertical ].

Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies Inc., Ronkonkoma NY
May 2005 - Medical Product Manufacturing News

Fillers & Dispensers

Vial Filler

An automated vial filler and sealer can produce filled containers of liquid at a rate of 80 units per minute. Liquid fill volumes vary from 1 to 100
┬Ál and can be adjusted. Different styles of containers, closures, seals, and pumps may be outfitted for total flexibility. Closed-loop sensing of product and component status ensures a reliable output. An operator interface display settings, error messages, and the requisite counters to ensure efficient operation.

Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.
March 2004 - Medical Product Manufacturing News


Pouch Opener

A pouch-opening unit acts as a third hand for the operator, automatically presenting an open package. The QuickPouch [micro] handles packages measuring 2-8 in. wide and 4-12 in. tall. With an adjustable rate of up to 15 pouches per minute, the product accomodates materials such as foil, tyvel, paper, and other laminates.

Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.
September 2002 - Medical Product Manufacturing News

Pouch-Opening Machine

The QuickPouch Micro from Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies holds a pouch open while it is being filled.

A Pouch handling machine can speed up pouch opening by a factor of two or more, according to Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies Inc. The QuickPoch Micro is designed to reduce handling of the pouch by holding the pouch open while it is filled, enabling the operator to have both hands free. This can decrease operator fatigue, which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries.

The pouch opener features intuitive adjustments for different sized pouches, a foot pedal for operator triggering, an auto mode that will cycle the machine at a set speed, and built-in resettable counters. The unit's footprint is less than 12 in. wide by 18 in. lng, and it weighs less than 25 lbs. The base model opens pouches from 2 to 6 in. wide, and 4 to 8 in. tall.

Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.