The QuickPouch Vertical ACS is designed for companies requiring high integrity, high quality packaging in a compact, economical, automated machine. The ACS utilizes integrated sensors and a 10 inch color touch screen to monitor vital machine parameters such as heat seal temperature, pressure, and duration. If any parameter falls out of its pre-set range an alarm is triggered and displayed on the touch screen, preventing the machine from making pouches until the alarm has been cleared. The touch screen also allows for qualified personnel to modify parameters for testing or product changes via the password protected change menus. Enjoy the security provided by the ACS and ensure that every pouch meets your high standards.

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Average rate of 20 cycles/minute
10 inch color touch screen
Unlimited recipe storage
Maintenance, testing, and development modes
Stack light
Validation ports
Manual (operator paced) mode
Automatic (machine paced) mode
Dual web system allows for multiple materials
Interlocked safety enclosure
Foot pedal or opti-touch trigger included

Standard Vertical ACS

Up to 6" wide
Up to 9" long
Vertical Plus ACS
Up to 9" wide
Up to 14" long

Width: 60 inches
Height: 57 inches
Depth: 25 inches
Weight: 265lbs
*Options may affect machine dimensions

Foil laminate
Paper laminate

Corrosion Resistance
Automatic Loading
Gas Purge (nitrogen, etc)
Vacuum Seal
In-Line printing and/or Label Application
UDI Vision System
Multiple Lanes for Increased Production
Front/Back Print Registration
Various Outfeed Conveyor Options
Inspection and Reject System
Die Cutting and Hole Punching
Frangible Seal
Gasket Dies