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The QuickPouch Vertical is a compact, economical, automated, pouch form/fill/seal machine designed specifically with the needs of the medical device and IVD industries in mind.

The Vertical has a fully interlocked lexan enclosure, which helps control the movement of air over pouches and parts, as well as protecting the operator.

The system is fully validatable and has been used to package products ranging from medical devices, IVD test kits, microtiter plates (well plates), dental implants, surgical instruments, wound care dressings, as well as cosmetic products, food products, and industrial products.

Hand loading is standard, automatic loading is available for a variety of parts, liquids, powders, desiccants, and more. With over 200 QuickPouch Verticals in the field, it is a tested and proven method of increasing efficiency while lowering costs.

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Average rate of 20 cycles/minute
Manual (operator paced) mode
Automatic (machine paced) mode
Dual web system allows for multiple materials
Interlocked safety enclosure
Foot pedal or opti-touch trigger included
Operator display indicates mode, counters, alarms, mechanic settings, and more

Up to 6" wide
Up to 9" long
For larger pouches see the Vertical Plus

Width: 60 inches
Height: 41 inches
Depth: 25 inches
Weight: 250lbs
*Options may affect machine dimensions

Foil laminate
Paper laminate

Validation Packages
Automatic Loading
Gas Purge (nitrogen, etc)
Vacuum Seal
In-line Printing and/or Label Application
UDI Vision System
Multiple Lanes for Increased Production
Front/Back Print Registration
Various Outfeed Conveyor Options
Inspection and Reject System
Die Cutting and Hole Punching
Frangible Seal
Gasket Dies

Medical Devices
IVD Test Kits
Dental Implants
Mix-in-Pouch Epoxies
Pharmaceutical Powders
Personal Lubricants
Surgical Instruments
Wound Care Dressings
Microtitre Plates (Well Trays)
Electrophoresis Pads
Liquid Reagents

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Photo Gallery Header
QuickPouch Vertical with Label Applicator - Click for High Resolution
QuickPouch Vertical with Ink Jet Printing - Click For High Resolution
QuickPouch Vertical with Dual TTO Printers - Click For High Resolution
Single Web QuickPouch Vertical with Liquid Fill and Output Conveyor
Close Up of QuickPouch Vertical Single Web Folder
QuickPouch Vertical with Laptop for UDI Verification
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