If you've ever crashed your die set you know how painful it can be. Downtime for die resurfacing costs money, and in serious cases in which the dies need to be shipped to the factory for repairs your packaging line can be down for days. Even regular die maintenance is time consuming and can have an effect on your bottom line.

Not Anymore.

Introducing the new Gasket Die Set from QuickPouch.
Gasket Die Sets utilize a tough rubber gasket on one side and a high strength Silverstone Teflon coating on the other. This means your dies will be stronger, easier to maintain, and provide higher quality pouch seals.

Increased Crash Resistance: Crashing dies will no longer mean extended downtime. The rubber gasket protects the die faces from damage, and can be replaced quickly in the event of a serious crash.

Lower Maintenance: The rubber gasket requires no scheduled maintenance, just replace as needed with one of the 10 included replacement gaskets. Many applications will only require a gasket change every year or so.

Better Seal Quality: The rubber gasket helps deliver even pressure and heat around the entire seal area of the pouch, resulting in a stronger, more consistent seal.

Better Looking Pouches: Gaskets are available with a variety of textures, providing a more aesthetically pleasing seal and a better looking pouch.

Modular Die Faces: Gasket die sets with modular die faces are ideal for companies with 2 or more pouch sizes. One die set can have an unlimited amount of die faces in different sizes and pouch sizes.

For more information on Gasket Dies you can contact a sales representative by phone at 631.580.5400, by email at info@quickpouch.com, or you can Request a Quote.